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Atwater Vineyards

Atwater Vineyards
March 18, 2021 | Atwater Vineyards

Something New in the Vineyard

Depending on the grape variety and wine style, we either carefully hand-pick or machine harvest our grapes. In either case, harvest is extremely time sensitive and our quality depends on having control over as many aspects of production as possible. For those times when we machine harvest, having our own harvester allows us to make decisions more quickly and get our fruit in when the conditions are best. Modern machines are very gentle on the fruit and allow us to get it to the press deck while it is still cool in the morning to preserve flavors.

We recently purchased a state-of-the-art harvester. Wes is standing between the legs that go over the vines. Not only is this harvester gentle on the grapes, it comes with several attachments such as a hedger and leaf pulled that will be useful throughout the season, a wire lifter (for shoot positioning), and a prepruner. Typically, these implements are purchased individually, so we are excited to have integrated system.






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Atwater Vineyards
March 15, 2021 | Atwater Vineyards

Where's Wes?

Where's Wes? Find out in our next e-newsletter! We have an exciting announcement as well as upcoming releases and end of vintage wines. 

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