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Atwater Vineyards

Origin: Labrusca X Vinifera, 1802, North Carolina

New York Introduction: Introduced to New York, possibly from the Ohio RiverValley, in the Mid–1800’s.

Atwater Introduction: 1930 First known planting on this site is 1932. We currently have vines that were planted in 1965.

Acreage: Atwater Estate Vineyards: 3.7 acres Total New York Acreage: 1,570 acres

Viticultural Characteristics: Winter hardy and vigorous, Catawba produces moderate yields of reddish–pink grapes.

Taste and Aroma Characteristics: "Foxy" has become the common term for this grape’s intense grape flavors (reserve the animalistic pungency!) Produces clean, crisp wines with often heady aromas of "grapey-ness". More often than not wines created with this grape lean towards the sweeter side, encouraging great grape flavors to shine.

How we use it: These vines are the "elders" on the farm; strong-willed and deep rooted, these "natives" are one of the main ingredients in our Banana Belt Blush and a magical blending tool for our Banana Belt Red.