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Atwater Vineyards

Origin: All indications point to an origin in the Rhine River Valley of Germany.

New York Introduction: First cultivated successfully by Charles Fournier and Konstantin Frank at Gold Seal Vineyards in the 1950’s.

Atwater Introduction: 1988

Acreage: Atwater Estate Vineyards: 5.2 acres/ Total New York: 461 acres

Taste and Aroma Characteristics: Produces aromatic light to medium-bodied wines. Rieslings can have exceedingly complex aromas with floral, herbal and spicy aromas combined with honey and fruit. Excellent sweet wines are made from this grape when it is attacked by the “noble rot”(botrytis cinerea).

How we use it: If we had our way with Mother Nature every year, we would ask her to give us the right amount of sun and rain so that we may receive a plethora of Riesling grapes from the vineyards. Truth be told, with Riesling’s wide versatility in producing gorgeous wines from bone-dry to hurt-your-teeth sweet, we’d love to be able to create a vast array of styles each year. Mostly we tend to prefer making a Dry Riesling and a Semi-Dry Riesling, but each harvest changes with the quality of fruit in each particular year.