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Atwater Vineyards

Together, the celestial forces of the moon (Selene), earth (Gaia), and sun (Helios) enable our grapes to reach their fullest potential. Responsible for establishing Earth's current length of day, creating stable seasons, and governing tides, the moon’s gravitational pull is essential to our weather. The sun provides energy for the grapes to ripen and the amount of sunlight affects the flavor profile. The soil of the earth provides nutrients for the vines, affects water drainage, and enables root growth. Their interconnected influences provide for the health of our grapes. Just as the forces of the cosmos provide sustenance and balance, you, our club members, whether in the Selene, Gaia, or Helios tier, make an essential contribution to Atwater.

Atwater’s Edge Wine Club provides you with the finest selection of wines, including exclusive, early release, and library vintages at a member discount, shipped quarterly. Additionally, you will have discounts on all wine purchases, access to special member-only benefits and events, and opportunities for one-of-a-kind experiences in our vineyard and with our winemakers. With three levels of membership, we are confident you will find a club membership level that meets your needs.

Member Benefits
  • Complimentary Virtual Tastings
  • Club exclusive and early release wines
  • Limited library selections available in our tasting room and online
  • Exclusive Wine Club events
  • Special members pricing to regular events
  • 10% off Atwater Vineyards clothing


Wine Club Membership Policies

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Give the Wine Club as a gift.

If you love sharing great wine as much as we do,
give the gift of an Atwater’s Edge Wine Club membership!

Contact Amanda Gumtow, Wine Club Concierge, to set up a gift membership.
(607) 546-8463