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Atwater Vineyards

Atwater Vineyards is committed to sustainable viticulture practices to obtain healthier vineyards, increase the quality of our wines, and ultimately create a safer environment for ourselves, our neighbors, and Seneca Lake.

  • We practice contour farming for erosion control.
  • We use a post emergent weed program combined with cultivation under the vines.
  • To ensure healthy soil, each year we evaluate soil and petiole tests to monitor nutrient content of the soil and vine nutrition.
  • We compost our grape waste from the winery and spread the resulting compost in the vineyards.
  • We mulch some row middles with round bales of straw and disc and replant a sod cover to aerate the soil, reduce compaction, and improve root growth.
  • When needed, we use our pond for spot irrigation.
  • We purchase solar power through Wallace Farms, LLC.
  • We are currently participating in The New York Sustainable Viticulture Program, a grower self-assessment workbook that is designed to both document sustainable grape growing practices already in place and promote sustainable practices throughout the industry.