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Atwater Vineyards

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Staff tasting 1/27/17:  Dried apricot, honeyed pineapple, fresh tangy acidity, juicy preserved peaches on finish...

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SKU: B-ATW-00092

Staff Tasting 1/27/17:  Apricot and golden raisin on the nose, guava and pineapple round out the finish...

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SKU: B-ATW-00108

Staff Tasting 1/27/17:  Candied orange, honeyed prune, preserved peaches and dates linger through the finish...

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SKU: B-ATW-00081

Staff Tasting 1/27/17:  Dark amber in color, honeysuckle and fine sherry up front, citrus tangy marmalade mouth feel...

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/ Late Harvest Vignoles
SKU: B-ATW-00096