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Atwater Vineyards

Wes Lobdell
February 18, 2014 | Wes Lobdell

Bright Skies Ahead!

Time lapse video of Bob trimming vines - by Wes

Well with Valentine’s Day behind us and a warming trend this week I’d say it’s a great time to come 

out and enjoy some Finger Lakes wine! This winter has hit us hard, but it’s a good reminder that we 

live in NYS after a couple years of being spoiled! Despite the inconvenience that the ‘extra’ snow fall 

has caused this year, I find a lot of charm and beauty in fresh snow. The contrasting transformation the 

land undergoes is quite brilliant, from warm fall colors to a pristine white landscape, only to be followed 

by a dull moment of mottled browns before the seemingly long wait is over and spring explodes with 

vibrant life. The snow also provides good contrast to our vineyard guys as they trim through the frigid 

temperatures… Any other season they might be a bit hard to spot behind the foliage. Here’s a good 

example featuring Bobby hard at work trimming… Despite what he might claim, he wasn’t going quite 

this fast! The video is approximately 1 hour compressed into 20 seconds. ;)





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