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Atwater Vineyards

We have missed seeing visitors in our tasting room during the NY on Pause order! Our region of New York is now allowed to open with Phase 1 businesses. As we are in the Phase 3 category, the earliest we can open is June 12.

For the continued safety of visitors and staff, we will observe social distancing measures and open in stages, first scheduling tastings by appointment only to ensure we don’t exceed the maximum occupancy of our facility. 

Because many scheduled events would exceed social distancing guidelines, we have had to canceled or postpone them. While we are disappointed we can’t host these experiences for you, we look forward to resuming our regular programming as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we are offering online tastings. Please visit our online calendar to keep abreast of our exciting virtual events.

When we can officially “UNPAUSE,” we will provide information about making reservations in an email alert as well as on our website and social media channels.

May 28: Vineyard Table Dinner
June 7: Vineyard Table Dinner
June 13: Club Party
June 28: Vineyard Table Dinner